I love color, and I’m a huge geek for pretty much anything related to color. Color theory, the names we use for colors, obscure colors, the history of pigments, the science of how the eye works, the psychology of color, you name it and it has or would probably peak my interest. For years, I’ve kicked around the idea of building a website dedicated to all things color, but thus far haven’t made it happen yet. In lieu of a standalone site then, you can expect to find random bits of color-things here, under the Color Geekery tag.

For instance, Ingrid Sundberg’s Color Thesaurus rolled across my desktop via various social media outlets in the last week or so. It has the benefit of both tickling my color interest, and being useful for writing, so there you go! I like the charts, though I can’t help but want to rearrange them chromatically. :p


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